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Providers of Premium Quality Alfalfa Cubes, Timothy Cubes, and Alfalfa Timothy Cubes. Suppliers of Beet Pulp and Premium Alfalfa and Timothy Hay. Also offering Alfalfa pellets and meal and Timothy pellets and meal.

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50% Alfalfa & 50% Timothy, blended, dehydrated, and cubed to preserve nutrients and prevent mold & dust. A consistent, convenient forage replacement or supplement, suitable for lower protein rations. Packaged in 50 lb bags.

Crude Protein: (Min) 12%
Crude Fiber: (Max) 32%
Crude Fat: (Min) 1.8%
Moisture: (Max) 12%


INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa Hay; Timothy Hay



All horses; goats; sheep; camels; deer; elk; and other species as a forage replacement or supplement.  Lower protein makes a great fit for any ration.



Feed as required as you would good quality alfalfa-timothy hay.  Feed horses at 1 to 2% total body weight per day.  Feeding in a bucket or feed tub, preferably at ground level is recommended.



Ontario Dehy’s Alfalfa-Timothy™ cubes are processed under the most rigorous ISO 9000 quality assurance policies and procedures using only premium grade Alfalfa and Timothy hay from the prairies of Saskatchewan. Ontario Dehy’s Alfalfa-Timothy™ cubes are formulated to provide a convenient and consistent feed solution.


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Ontario Dehy paper bags are produced from high strength low weight paper stock which reduces the use of raw material by twenty percent.
Also our polypropylene bags are recyclable where facilities exist.


Ontario Dehy Inc is bullfrogpowered™ with 100% Green Electricity.